Finding Metric Choppers And Metric Chopper Parts

If you are a fan of metric choppers, you know that finding the right parts for can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. This is because there just does not seem to be that many sites out there on the Internet that are devoted to building metric-choppers.

Finding mirrors for a metric motorcycle in itself is an eclectic pursuit because there are so many types devoted to making custom mirrors for metric choppers. Yet on the other hand, it can be difficult to find basic things, such as complete and comprehensive tool kits for metricchoppers.

Maybe this is because most people who build metricchipppors get their custom parts in the aftermarket. You can also find cheap metric chopper parts for sale on ebay.

Fortunately, J&P Cycles at has a good selection of Metric motorcycle parts online. At least it was the most comprehensive sites that I could find when it came to providing everything from brakes to windshields to exhaust pipes. The J&P Cycles site sells the following metric chopper parts: carburetors, filters, electrical, chrome covers, add ons, exhaust pipes, mufflers, footpegs, floorboards highway bars, handlebars, sissy bars, grips, lifts, covers, tools, locks, lighting, saddlebags, luggage, luggage racks, seats mud flaps, fender bids, windshields, fairings, tires, wheels brakes, forks and shocks. 

If that is not enough, they also sell metric chopper clothing, leather, sunglasses, books, posters and hats. You can also find rarer items such as self locking wheel clocks and Milwaukee twin exhausts. For some reason, artists love to create custom miirrors for this elegant low slung cruiser type chopper.

One of the biggest manufacterers of metric motorcycle mirrors and arms is Areomach at This company sells specially designed mirrors which are designed to look like iron crosses. One of the great pluses of buying these mirrors is that they affixed with a 10mm bolt that threads right into the metric chopper stock hand controls. This eliminates the necessity for shopping for thread adapters to install custom billet mirrors on your bike. 

Changing the mirror on your bike is one of the easiest ways to upgrade its style. When choosing a new mirror for your metric motorcycle (from one of the vast array of sites that specialize in custom mirrors for metric cruisers), try and remember that some of these stock mirrors do not provide the same rear view coverage as the mirror that originally came with the bike. Some mirror arms can be way longer or shorter than the original stock mirror or provide a narrower image than the convex image provided by stock mirrors.

It can also be somewhat difficult to find the tools necessary to work on a Metric bike. Midnight Supply at sells hard to find Cruzmetrix Motorcycle Tool Kits as well as the one piece MotoWrench Metric Multi-Tool that resembles a can opener with various notches for working on your bike.

One of the best all round sources of news and views on metricchoppers is the Metric Bike Cycle news at

Other great news sources that are devoted to the subject of the metric motorcycle are Moto Books Online, Moto-Euro Magazine and These publications can keep you up to scratch when it comes to finding the best custom parts for your metric chopper.

Ebay might be the best place to find new and used Metric choppers L-Ebay chopper, and Metric chopper parts is Ebay.

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