1973 Honda Chopper

Honda Chopper

Honda Chopper

When I started wanting a Chopper for myself, I decided right away that I did not want a production chopper.

I wanted the real deal. Something inside of me began driving me. I gave up all my toys to have a family and now that the kids are getting older I figured, ahhh something for Dad.

I began searching on craigslist. I came across an ad for a old school 1973 Honda chopper frame.

The ad had a dim lit picture that I could barely make out that it was a bike for sale.

It was way to much cash for me anyways but I couldn't get it outa my head. I threw an offer out and the guy said come and get it.

Little did I know just how special of a find this was to be for me.

This bike sat as an true old school roller for over 30 years. As time ticked and years went by it was sitting waiting just for me.
I really believe that.

Oh we bonded right away when I laid eyes on her but I was under no illusions here that it wasn't going to be easy to fix her back up.

And it wasn't..two engines were installed..ever heft a DOHC in place? Then you know what I mean..now do two of them!!! Especially since I work alone with no help from anyone.

The molding and lines this bike has are incredible. This bike is one of a kind and is very special.

Vintage Girder,Real Aris twin triangle lights and bracket,Satellite rims, knife sissy bar and wing coffin tank.

The old paint on the bike had a pregnant girl airbrushed under the tank.I saved that and incorporated her into the build. Something old and yet new again.

She is the heart of this bike. Here is a video link of the build....


Slowly the build came together. I have 1 whole year of my life in her. She's just about ready to roll again and to shock the world again.

I know little of who originally built her. So if after looking you know something give me a shout.

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Nov 25, 2010
Nice Chopper!!
by: Ray

Nice Chopper! I had a 70 750 Way back. Probably in 1990 91 needless to say I sold it! It wasn't a Chopper. The guy I sold it to turned it into one!! LOL Where are you located? I know that it's alot easier to have help with a Build!!
I have a 91 sportster that i'm thinking about turning it into a Bobber or Chopper? I'm still up in the Clouds about it! Dreaming!! LOL
Take Care and keep the Shiny side UP!!

Ray AKA Boots

Oct 22, 2010
Honda Choppers
by: Anonymous

I am wanting to start a build of an old school chopper myself and procured a Honda CB450 frame. I am under no delusions about time on this issue and figure on at least 2 years to complete it. I plan on building it for my little brother who is currently deployed in southern Afghanistan but he doesnt know it. I love the looks of your chopper and hope that mine turns out to be at least half as nice.

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