1973 Honda Old School Chopper

by David

Honda Old School Chopper

Honda Old School Chopper

This 1973 Honda Old School Chopper picture is after paint.

Novice builder seeks advice...

Hi Guys,
Its my first build, and probably only build,I could never find one like her again. I work alone on her, even lifting the engine in place myself, and since I never have seen the original bike I can only imagine what she looked like in her day.
When I first laid eyes on her I was in Love…And that’s what matters most isn’t it? This bike I believe is really special.
It’s a 1973 (real deal) Honda Old School Chopper. I bought her off Craigslist last year, here in Wisconsin.
I must admit right now I do not know that much about her.

The story was: The guys brother whome I purchased the frame from, was owed money for doing some work for a guy. He couldn’t pay so, instead gave him the chopper as trade in a deal.
It sat for at least 10 years…he then gave it to his younger brother, who I bought it from, and it sat in his care idle for 10 years…so 20 years it was patiently waiting for me to come along.

Who could of ever given up on her is hard for me to imagine …Why was she apart? Just sitting for so long?
I think this bikes lines are fabulous like no –other,Check out the nicely done molded neck to tank. She even has a under belly plate that fits perfect and covers all the tubing.Those are real Aris triangle headlamps correct for the period but need some internal updating and whomever had originally built her, had to have felt they just built something special.

Now I have looked at hundreds of Old School Honda Choppers on the web and never have I seen anything like my bike. Perhaps you have???
I would like to know more, and perhaps I will someday ,but until then, I have been given the honor to be the one to bring her back to life.
I hope my vision for her works out in the end, because I would really like others to see hear and feel what these 70’s choppers were about.
I could use some help from the experts on this site to help me with her and give me your advice.
Like I said before I did drop a 1982 CB750-C black style engine in place (pain in da butt) before winter blew in and she sits like that unbolted because my garage is unheated...
I am hoping I can use those small discs just 7-1/2 inches up front if I laser cut some brackets to bolt on some modern calipers.Those drag bars will have to go as I would prefer a z-bar or twisted vintage handlebar set up for my taste.
Well what do you think? Any advice is greatly appreciated here.

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