1980 FLT Tour Glide Classis Trike

by Breeze Swavely
(Somewhere, Pa. Usa)

Tour Glide Trike

Tour Glide Trike

I bought this trike from my brother so it means alot to me just to own it, he's the only family I have. He's not only my brother, he's my best friend. This is a 1980 FLT 1340 shovel and my 1st build o fa trike, I've decided to go with adding a stake body to the back end instead of putting a 1945 servicar body on it.

The servicar will be used to make a hauling trailer behind the FLT. The stake body I'd like to make will be made of 1/8 inch diamond plate for the body and then finishing it off with some deep oiled red oak, the paint is a mica purple so I'm going to have all the bolt head's painted the same color as the rest of the bike, I'm , attaching a 16x30 aluminum 8 gallon round gas tank under the stake body not sure if I'll be painting it or leaving it polished.

The bike itself is very clean and run's like a top, my brother took extra care in keeping it that way as I to will be doing the same. I had this trike shipped from Az to Pa biggest mistake I ever made. I used a company called West Coast Movers and the reason I went with them in the 1st place was because they had the best price and they told me it would be created up for shipping, well their version of creating it up was wrapping it in plastic wrap.

The day they pick the bike up it was pouring down raining and came with 1 ramp for a 3 wheeled motorcycle, the driver never read the paperwork to see it was a trike. So my brother being 65 years old and in the pouring rain put together four 2x4x8 and the 1 ramp they brought to load the bike on the trailer, then lifted the 2 ends with the 2x4x8's and pushed the trike on the trailer that way.

From this point on my brother and I started worrying about how the trike was going to look once it got here to Pa, well it wasn't a good picture once the bike arrived to my shop here in Pa. Ends up the shippers caused $3914.35 worth of damage to my trike, if you could have been here you would have seen just how pissed I was and still am. So for all of you reading this, let anyone you know who is thinking of shipping anything not to go with West Coast Movers out of Las Vegas Nevada...

They suck and should be out of business. Ok enough bitching bout the shippers, onto idea's so if ya have any and want to reach me, please feel free to do so, by replying to this page :-)

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