1983 Suzuki Bobber

by Vince
(Vancouver Island, Canada)

Suzukit Bobber Blow Motor

Suzukit Bobber Blow Motor

This 1983 Suzuki Bobber project bike was a freebie from my kid. Finding a spun bearing in the motor(wiped out a rod and the crank) hasn't stopped me from doing some custom stuff to it. So far I've built the tank, tail light housing, seat pan and am reworking the suspension with daydreams of a springer front end. I can always have it in my living room as d├ęcor. Anyone near Vancouver Island got a mill? :)

Suzuki Bobber Image 1: The blown motor is a minor inconvenience at the moment.

Suzuki Bobber Image 3: tank and t. Light housing.

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