1984 Goldwing Custom: One Fast Bird

by Reggie Hatfield
(Jackson, MS United States)

1984 Goldwing Custom

1984 Goldwing Custom

I got a 1984 Goldwing that was bruned up. But I wanted a chopper so bad that I got it, and set to work on it. Now it so FAST that people say, 'what hell is that?' Just my fast ass bird.

1. stripped whole bike down
2. painted the frame
3. put motor in
4. re-wire & start-up, what a sweet sound
5. dropped it about 3in. off ground...
6. 3 in. pipe
7. lots of custom body parts.

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Jul 16, 2010
Awesome build
by: M king

You should check out and join www.ngwclub.com if you haven't already.

This could line up for Bike of the Month.

Jul 27, 2009
SICK SICK SICK!!!!!!!!!!
by: Shovel Tim

Way to go man. I'm an old Harley guy and I think that your machine Rocks! With all the Harley snobbery that's going around these days it's really tempting for me take the '78 Wing I'm restoring and just chop the hell out of it, you know, 12" over front end, apes, fishtails,the whole deal. Reminds me of the dude back in the '70s who chopped and raked out a BMW, man you either hated it or loved it.
Keep building it YOUR way brother and don't let anyone tell you what's cool 'cause you've definately got it figured out.
Shovel Tim, CANADA.

Feb 10, 2008
Another great one!
by: rider75

I love any old bike with home mods like this. Rode a friends totalled thousand cc GW after it had been stripped down and built as a cafe racer. Even the early flat fours will really get up and move after a "crash diet".

Dec 26, 2007
Very Cool
by: Anonymous

I think this bike looks totally evil. I would sure be interested in knowing how the lowering took place. Did the frame legs and triple tree get stretched? Were there mods to the fork lengths? How was the rear suspension issue handled? It looks like somthing from the cast of that early 1980's rock music/biker flick "Streets of Fire" where Willem Defoe and Michael Pare go at each other with rock hammers. Nice Job. Kevin

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