1996 Yezdi roadking

by pranav.s.chavan

1996 Yezdi Roadking

1996 Yezdi Roadking

It's Pranav from India. Actually I am customizing my classic bike that is a YEZDI ROADKING 250CC to become more of a chopper. But due to insufficient knowledge and no professional mechanical engine available in our city, my dream bike is standing at 60% of the work done, and that too I did by myself.

But now here I need some help about the installation of a swing-bar. Because I want to install a 150 size rear wheel. And also want to do some sheet metal work for a mud guard.

1) And also if possible can you let me know how to convert an air cooled bike to oil cooled?

2) My bike is two stroke 250cc air cooled engine

3) Here U am uploading a picutre of my which is before the work and after the work.

First picture is before work (bought second hand).

Second picture is after 60% of the work is done.

Hoping you will guide me in my work. Also tell me about the performance means how to increase the performance to a greater extent, and is it possible to install a NOS kit?

Reply please. Have a great day.

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Oct 02, 2010
Chopper, lets see
by: Dax

me (www.yezdidiaries2.blogspot.com) and a pal of mine (http://romanticrider.blogspot.com) have been planning a chopper, besides track racers based on the RK and the Model B engine and frames.

Before anything, you should take a look at your frame with the boxes, tank and mudguards and even headlight and seat off to figure out what kind of an outline or profile you want.

Remember to try and keep the mudguards as removing the front one will cause water to splash at the electricals under the tank and the rear one if shortened will ruin your shirt every puddle of water you cross.

Don't forget, choppers and bobbers are bikes derived by removing uneacessary bits from bikes and of course adopting the 'easy rider' stance while riding it. A cleanly painted and neatly detailed bike will work just as well as any shell job.

The tank can remain, but any changes to the exhaust without knowing about pressure waves inside two stroke scavenging system exhaust pipes is an absolute Do No Do. All that plumbing works on four stroke engines and not yours.

Reducing seat height too much makes the bike difficult to ride on windy days on the bridges across the Yamuna (i live in noida).

Sep 06, 2010
thanks a lot dude..
by: pranav

hello pramod......

ya i am new to this page.....
yaar i am from rural areas, so here fabrication and metal work is not available......

pramod...as i told early in that, i brought the yezdi for 11k & that too second hand which was in pulsar model... but i am a big fan of classic bikes as well as harley...... so started to change the look..... and even i have uploaded the 60% of work done on the bike which you can seen in second image....... but but but ... although i am looking for some extra installation... so here you go.... i will call you shortly....

Sep 05, 2010

Dear you look new as you already mentioned but still you are going very well by the way i am pramod from Delhi you creation is very pretty but its look like a pulsar bike but great start. First of all you need not change your engine to a oil cooled as its a very decent engine and you are lucky one that you have it for last 11 months i am surching that engine but still i am failed to get it and secondly you must build a frame for your bike. it can be a soft tail or a hard tail and then you can go with the broad rear tyre. if you are more interested in febrication of custom bikes then you can call me my no is 9958895919.

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