300 Softail Frame Plan Questions

by Dick B.

I have the 300 rsd softail frame plans. I am currently in the process of purchasing the materials. I would like to find out when they say stretch for leg room 2 to 6 inches. How would it be applied to the frame?

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May 03, 2012
How to find out what's your back bone stretch and down tube
by: Ron

Hello I just picked up a wareagle pro street frame ... But on the Mso it don't tell you the rake on the neck or the back bone or down tube measurements . How do I find out the measurement of the back bone and down tube ?

Mar 12, 2010
There are a great number of variables
by: Rick

There are a great number of variables to take in account when figuring this.... The first the location of the forward controls - if you are using forward controls (not mid), the location of the handle bars - back swept or drag style, and the overall design of the bike. If you require additional legroom the backbone stretch will be necessary - a combination of backbone and downtube stretch will be necessary to provide the additional room as well as retain the desired look. Sorry no HARD answer here - I recommend an initial setup in the jig and work from there. That is what I do.
Rick Hedrick.

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