750 Honda Spirit Hardail Chopper

by Paul
(Tulsa, Ok.)

750 Honda Spirit Chopper

750 Honda Spirit Chopper

My '2003 Hardley A Davidson' (750 Honda Spirit Hardail Chopper): In 2003 I went looking for a new bike after selling my last one to get married some 20 years before. I went into several showrooms and it caught my eye.

One week later it was in my drive on the 4th of July, well you can't have a bike with out doing something to make it YOURS.

So one winter it started, the next a hardtail, frame then wider rear wheel, then new custom built exhaust, then on and on and we ended up with the Hardley, named after I entered it in a show, the show promoter thought it was a Harley and said I couldn't enter the Metric class, we took a walk and we entered the metric class. Very fun ride gets a lot of looks.

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