99 1200c Chopped

by eblechris@yahoo.com
(Terryville, CT)

I have a 99 1200xlc, I went 5 up 5 out 40 degrees on the neck. Are front ends on the xl exclusive or does the 99 xlc use a standard 1 in neck also with a 21 in front wheel? What stretch on the fork legs should I use with 5 degree trees? I'd like to keep the trail close to stock

Stock XL necks have a 3/4" stem. It is possible to change out the bearing cups to fit the 1" bearing and stem bolt. There are not many aftermarket
- raked - trees in the 3/4" style. As for your stretch and trail this should all be determined by actually measuring the frame (at ride height) and wheel for proper length and trail. Figuring in the raked trees will help set the proper trail.

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