Americanizing A Yamaha Bobber

by Justin
(Westlake,LA, US)

1100cc Yamaha

1100cc Yamaha

I wanted a cool bike but I didn't have the money to buy a ready to go chopper or bobber. I always kind of turned my nose to the Japanese bikes until I realized if I wanted a cool bike that I could afford I would have to buy a Asian made bike and Americanize it.

I paid $900.00 for a 1999 Yamaha 1100cc that didn't run. I invested 1100.00 more dollars with a total spent being 2000.00. It took me about four months to finish the bike.

This Americanized Yamaha Bobber was my first bike project I hope to do about five more of these so that I can raise enough money to build my own rolling chassis. The first two pictures are before shots and the last two are after shots. Hope you like.

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Aug 24, 2011
More info?

Thats pretty sweet looking bike. I'm currently doin a little choppin and grindin on my 04 V Star 1100. My question is, did you make it a rigid or just slam it I cant really tell from the pics. Anyway if you have any more pics ir details lee me know.


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