Bike Building and Assembly Tips

by Terry Hartley
(Athens Ga USA)

 bobber kit bike

bobber kit bike

I started with an smw mobster bike kit which is a sweet bike kit which just makes it easy to have all the parts from 1 place. It doesn't mean that it makes it easier to put together. There are still lots of mods you have to know how or what to do to make things fit like they should. Lots of trips to the machine shop with parts that I'd of thought should have fit that were off by just enough to drive you crazy like the steering stem wouldn't fit the bearings.

I mean that was the last part that I thought I'd of had a problem with. Mock is very important to get your fit an finish because the last thing you want after paint is to find a part that doesn't fit right. But over all with my wrench experiences that I have had in the past sure paid off in this build. Then they send you wheel spacers that are just what come with the axles you have to get a full set of spacers to line your wheels properly.

A trick that I use in that case to space the wheels use PVC pipe for temp spacers get them lined up cut peaces that fit then you can match them up for the right size on final assembly. Make sure that on your final assembly you tap the paint out the bolt holes. Also loose fit every thing till its properly lined up.

Maybe some of this will help make it easier on your project.

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Nov 30, 2013
Axle spacers
by: James Lintott

Great tip on using PVC to get the correct size for the axle spacers. I wish I had seen your post a week ago before I went through all the trouble I've had.

Great looking ride.

Nov 07, 2010
smw mobster........terry hartley?
by: phillip johnson

I too started a smw mobster recently.
Looking for anyone else that has built this bike or can help with some questions.

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