Black Diamond Chop Rods

by Randy Morten Black Diamond Chop Rods Inc
(Black Diamond Alberta)

Hi I just read the story on Horcio's Honda chop. I have been contemplating on building another Harley chop but it seems everyone is doing it or has done it. I have had my Honda Chopper now for 9 years and I have to tell you I never run out of ideas for modifying it or do I ever get bored of it. They are so reliable and really an eye catcher with the inline four. A great source for parts and ideas are Ken at cycle x and Dynoman out of Texas. Both carry parts for the 750 if you want to go really fast. Ken is an expert in this field and has endless info and parts that you might be looking for. My Honda has been in many magazines in Canada and I have won countless World of Wheel completions back in the day when there was only one class for customs i.e. Honda's vs Harley's. I keep threatening to sell my bike to build another but I have such a fondness for these rides that I don't think I will ever part with a piece of History. Anyway maybe there will be a new bread of custom builders that may go back to the roots of real Choppers that started with the Honda CB750

Randy Morten
Black Diamond Alberta Canada

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