Build and Sell Custom Sportsters

by Marco Pucci
(Livorno, Italy)

Hi there! I'm writing this e-mail just to tell you how happy I am to receive your newsletters.

I like your approach, your way to explain and above all, your way to work! I appreciate how you are able to offer really all what a bike builder needs to know about knowledge and funds to start a business or simply to deepen and practice a passion.

I am a bike parts dealer and owner of a 1954 panhead that I love like my wife. I've restored it in several years finding parts in my catalogs, around in american swap meets and I've built myself some special parts.

My dream is now to build and maybe sell custom Sportsters (this model is very popular here) with your "softail frame" because I find (and a lot of people think so) that the Sportster's original frame look not so good, but the laws about modifying bikes are here in Italy very restrictive and hard to understand.

But nothing is impossible and I hope to find the right way to became this wish real and, who knows, to start a business with you.

In the meantime, best wishes to you.

You are making a great work, men!

Marco Pucci
Livorno, Italy

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