Building A Frame From Scratch Question

by Chris

If your building a frame from scratch and you have the forks and head stem angle you want. How do you determine the rest of the figures you need such as height, rake, and trail. I.E. when everything is on the jig ready to begin fab work, how do you set your head stem height to the forks you have brought. I've watched frame building dvd's and nothing tells you how to set your front end up. just how to stretch, what stretch is and how to peace it all together. Any tips would be of great help. Thanks. Any questions that require further explanation just ask on here or email me.

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May 31, 2015
by: Anonymous

forgot to give you my email in case I can help you more.
with working out the rake angle of head stem

May 31, 2015
head stem
by: Anonymous

the rake and tail are the thinks you have to work out as you have the forks already.
what size wheel are you using? this also make a difference to the head stem angle.
I am building my own one of frame from Scratch.
if you want to email me with some sizes I will do my best to help you.
it is a mind field of questions and sometimes you have to blow up a few minds to get the look you want.
My frame is made from 12mm rounnd tub 2mm wall.

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