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New 41 Page Guide Reveals The Little Known Secrets To Buying And Selling Motorcycles As A Full Time or Part Time Business -- Motorcycle Dealers Don't Even Know This Stuff! 

Whether you want to sell your motorcycles, buy a motorcycle, or make money buying and selling motorcycles, this new guide will reveal new cutting edge tips and tricks that will save you time and put money in your pocket.

In Instant Motorcycle Cash you will discover: 

  • The little known secrets to finding undervalued bikes and how to sell them for significant profits!
  • How to use images to get every potential buyer interested and bidding on or buying your bike...what most bike owners don't know about!
  • How to get professional video of your bike without using a video camera or hiring someone to do it for you! And it won't cost you a dime . This alone is worth your small investment in Instant Motorcycle Cash! This is not some low budget video gimmick that will hurt your image or your bike listing. In fact it's just the opposite. If you have pictures, or you can take a decent picture, I'll show you how to turn those into killer videos that will help you improve your online listing, and even multiply it.
  • How to prospect find government auctions that have dirt cheap bikes for sale!
  • How to sell bikes without buying a bike and using any of your own money!
  • Why Banks and leasing companies want you to help them sell bikes! 
  • How to build a list of buyers that you can go back to over and over and sell more and more bikes... this is a secret way to leverage your business into big profits! And much more!

How Much Is It?

The price for Instant Motorcycle Cash is only $39.95 $7. A tiny price to pay for a course that is going to help you sell your bike fast, or make several hundred or several thousand dollars per month buying and selling motorcycles as a home based or fixed location business.

GUARANTEE: I guarantee that if you don't think Instant Motorcycle Cash is worth 10 times what you paid for it I will refund your money no questions asked. That's it. I won't make you go to cryptic web pages or ask you to jump through hoops. Just email me. Your word is gold to me. After all you've been a loyal subscriber and I trust you.

I found the Instant Motorcycle Cash book to be an excellent practical insight into buying and selling motorcycles, and an even better option than local dealers and ads. Prior to reading “Instant Motorcycle Cash” my knowledge was limited and relied on dealers for advice, and in all cases they were protective about what information they gave out. I now know how to research online and look for what bargains there are, as well as understanding the technical processes of Law. It has given me a confident attitude when applying the strategies of Instant Motorcycle Cash stage by stage. Important aspects that capture me are, “People are the business” without them there’s no-one to sell too, and courage to build relationships because other people’s resources are a partnership opportunity for instant cash.

I highly recommend Instant Motorcycle Cash. “It’s not the destination that defines the result” its “the journey getting there”.

Takurua Tawera, New Zealand

I just wanted to say thanks for the book Instant Motorcycle Cash (IMC). I have read it 5 or six times in the few weeks I've had it.  It is filled with great ideas of not only how to buy and sell motorcycles but also where to find them for a great deal!

I am an out of work carpenter and have a few bikes i am in process of selling. I am looking forward to using the ideas and tips you gave me in IMC and turn those few bikes into more bikes and keep the ball rolling. Hopefully I can pick up a few from the auctions near me.  Also the ideas about working with the banks and repo places is a great idea!

Mike Kozak

Get Instant Motorcycle Cash Now. You won't be'll be chuckling with excitement once you start getting into the amazing motorcycle buying and selling secrets that nobody knows about. Heck, you might become so good at this that your local dealer will pay you to consult with them. Yes, it's that good...and I guarantee it!

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Tyler Powers

PS: The ridiculous $7 price is going up in 7 days. This $7 price is only for current subscribers (that's you buddy), and after 7 days we are raising the price anywhere from $14.95 - $29.95 (not sure which price yet). Get it now and avoid disappointment. 


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