Chopper Build At 55!

by Jean Leboeuf
(St-Tite, Quebec, Canada.)

Rolling Thunder Chopper Frame

Rolling Thunder Chopper Frame

Well, being an auto mechanic for 25 years and raising 3 kids, I'm starting (at last) my dream chopper project at 55 Years old.

My first purchase was a frame from Demon's cycle and parts from J&P Cycles and other stores.

After doing some assembly I found out that the neck of the frame was twisted, had the wrong neck angle (Over 5 degrees), and the back bone was curved to the left 5/8''. I called Tom from Demon's Cycles and got (Fu****). So, I went to the Rat Shop and Rolling Thunder workshop and got them to build me a frame. I got the best service. Fred and Sam answered all my questions and gave me very good advice.

So, here's some pictures of my project. At this time I'm dismantling now, getting ready for paint. Here's some advice. Stay away from Demon's Cycles store. It took me 11 months to get all the parts that I've ordered. $11,500.00 worth. And a lot of phones calls.


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