Classic Motorcycle Project

by oldbiker guy
(Washington State)

classic motorcycle

classic motorcycle

Classic Motorcycle: I have missed riding for a long time and have searched for something to ride that I liked. I am not a crotch rocket kind of guy and some of the chops I see are just too over the top for me.

Looking at what I would like to build the style of the 1918 to early 20's style appeals to me so that is what I will build. This will be a next winter project as the summer is full of stuff to do here and that gives me time to gather parts and do my homework. I will not be using a Harley as my basis for the bike as thinking back I really liked my old Whizzer that I had when I was young but it needed some more beans in the engine dept to suit me.

That is the basic idea. I think I will use the softail plans with the traditional springer front to get the look that I want...and get a bit better ride out of the bike.


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