Custom frame 250 softail

by Joe
(martinsburg West virginia)

250 softail frame

250 softail frame

Hello all, I'll try and keep this short. Few years ago a buddy and I decided we were going to build ourselves some choppers. We knew nothing about building a bike (hell I didn't even know about the OCC TV, I had never even ridden a bike before. Anyway.

I purchased a custom frame 250 softail 5 up 5 out 45 degree in the neck with 5 degree triple trees 12 over front end (rolling chassis is 10 foot long!). Probably not the best bike to learn to ride on. lol Suddenly everyone that was going to help me build this thing, wasn't around. So, I've taken it to a few different places to get the look I was going for, and so far it's gone through three rear fenders and two front ones.

SO, I decided I can't mess it up any worse than everyone else. So, I'm going to try and do it myself. The rear fender was last mounted with external struts. I let the guy at the bike shop talk me into going with. And I don't like it. The sides and rear of the fender still looked like it needed to be trimmed up a bit, so that is where I first started. I trimmed up both sides and rear,then I decided since I was going with a scorpion theme, I cut a tribal scorpion out of the rear fender (still not happy with the external mounts). I don't know if I can be, but I'm going to try and cut and grind off the external mounts. Does anyone know if this can be done? If not
I have a fender on hand to start all over with.

With all the trimming done, I purchased my 2nd front fender, trimmed the bottom and mounted it. You'll see in the pix I might try and lower it a bit closer to the rim. The gas tank I had someone mount for me, was mounted further back than I wanted and the rear of the tank is mounted higher than I think it should be. So, I may cut and grind the mounts and start all over with that As well.

Now I have a few questions if anyone can help it would greatly be appreciated. With the rear fended mounted to the frame how close to the tire can I mount it? I don't want to mount to the swing arm, since I plan on having it molded into the seat,gas tank. Also if and its a huge IF, In order to get the look I want, can the rear swing arm be welded into place to make it a rigid frame? I know this might sound crazy, but I know the look I'm going for and I don't want my chopper to have a fender that looks like it was made for a dirt bike. anyway I've attached a few pictures. I've also attached a picture of a chopper finished with the exact same frame as mine. This picture is what made me want this frame in the first place. If you look close you can see how much lower the tank is on the blue bike than mine. Anyway thanks for taking the time to read through all of this.

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