Custom Kawasaki 800

by Chris Fice

Kawasaki 800

Kawasaki 800

In 2007 a pal (Tony the milk) of mine came to me with a Kawasaki VN 800 B1 and said "what can you do with this"? I've spent many years buying motorcycles cheap and getting them up to scratch for my own use and sometimes having a years ride out of it, and then moving on to the next one, and then sometimes breaking even with getting back what I paid for it. To me this is a good result.

Over a 2 year period picking away at it in my spare time and not to mention my pals money I got the look he was looking for. He wanted the Harley look, where on the other hand I was looking for that bobber style with a hint of street fighter.
Well he got his way with it, after all the motorcycle was his.

I however at the time was Riding a Yamaha XJR 1300 at the time.

Another pal of mine (Fish) some months later pestered me for it and I must say it was good reliable machine, I say was because just at that time the pal who came to me with the Kawasaki had bought himself something else and asked if I could do something with it.

So the timing was perfect. I got what I original paid for the Yam. I then bought the Kawasaki.
A few months of riding it in the summer up until June 2009 someone decided to knock me off after he had jumped the lights.

This then gave me the opportunity to resurrect it from its sorry state to what I think was intended.

So here it is Born again.

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Jun 21, 2012
316 s/s
by: Ficey

after the Kawasaki VN800 project went out the door it wasn't long before the next project rolled up to the lift.
Yamaha FZ 750 in a hard tail stretch.
now coming to the end of the, not so much a build but a revamp but needles to say no expense was spared for 316 S/S was on the menu.

here are a couple of bits and bobs that were on the menu.

Dec 12, 2009
Extention for intention.
by: back yard builder

Got a nice extension for Christmas!

For some time now I have been struggling with space time and relativity as did from the proceeds of the kwak VN 8 I have invested in a phew blocks sand cement and some timber.
not to mention a couple of pressies for the Mrs and boy.
I am in need of a Mittler Brothers 90° Hydraulic Tube and Pipe Bender

So here`s the plan!

pull-out Honda VT 600 shadow which I managed to front end some years ago that now houses Harlan Ness yokes and Harley forks,
Get creative,get it done,and get me bender!
Merry Christmas to all

Dec 12, 2009
Gotta agree
by: rider75

Yeah, fun to build em, all the hours in the garage keeps us outta trouble (yeah right). Why then do I get that kick of satisfaction when it's done and then need to go on to another project? Am I a serial tinkerer? Is it an addiction? Is there a support group? A prescription? Who cares! back yard builds rule. I currently have the hots for a Kawi Vulcan Drifter...

Dec 09, 2009
The Kal is Jammin
by: TurnNburn1x

Just wanted to say nice job man! I'm glad to know that someone else feels the same way I do about my time and labor involved in a project. Breakin even or getting some other form of satisfaction or fringe benefit is always good thing in my book, anything else or better is Iceing on the cake.

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