DOM tubing and pumping hydraulic fluid

by Don Vosberg

Just looking the the Springer fork plans once again. What do your designers say to using DOM tubing, and maybe 1.25" tubing in place of the 1.5" tubing? My other question has to do with the typical design expectation for travel in the springs. I would like to place non-suspension-load-bearing hydraulic shocks parallel to the springs for the sole purpose to pump hydraulic fluid with the suspension travel. Would that be possible?

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Nov 19, 2010
It's Possible! Dom tubing and pumping haudralic fluid
by: Custom Choppers Guide

Hello Don,

The Springer forks were designed to be similar to the 1.5" family of frames. It is very possible to shrink this down to use 1.25" tubes. The tubes are over designed and using smaller tubes will not compromise strength. Make sure you adjust the plates as needed to make sure they fit. Also this size reduction may affect your trail. Make sure to maintain a trail of 3" or greater in order to minimize flop. Please keep it safe.

Also using a hydraulic shock should be fine. Just be sure to use the right size and strength or you may get incorrect performance. Make sure it is comfortable for your tastes - not too soft and not too stiff. Generally most builders use springer forks because they are very simple and also for the look (shiny chrome springs). Hydraulic forks usually look very sleek and do not have the extra parallel tubes. If you are going for this look then it should work the same. Please be sure to send us photos once you finish it. I'd love to see them.


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