Drilling Holes In Rear Fender

by Hoz

I want to drill some holes in my rear fender to mount my license plat and break light and a custom seat I can take on and off but I was told that the vibration will cause the holes to crack the metal fender over time. Is this true, how can I avoid this and still get what I want with out welding ( don't know how to weld).

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Feb 23, 2011
It helps
by: Hoz

It helps, unfortunately the placement would be at the very end of the bobbed fender where vibration would most likely be at it's high! But you idea of sandwiching the fender might be exactly what I need sandwiching the end point and thereding the other points.

Feb 23, 2011
tailight mount rear fender
by: Rick aka Wizard

Yes and no,
There are a lot of variables to consider.
1 weight of the assembly to be mounted
2 location (rear fender yeah but)
is it out at the end where vibration is exaggerated? or closer to a mount point e.g., fender strut or bitch bar?
One thing you can do is disperse the load at each hole by having a threaded plate under the fender with all the holes threaded for bolt mounting. This way instead a number of small points to develop cracks the fender is squeezed between the taillight and the the mount plate underneath much larger area to spread out stress.
also if you can do not mount where vibration is exaggerated/

Hope that helps

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