Fat Bastard 250

by Rocky

Re: Fat Bastard 250

I broke my back the 2nd time in 1992 & sold my Fat Bob radical Chopper ... to painful to ride. then in 2000 I was DX'd with Lung Cancer & given 4-6 months to live (with treatment). I choose to be a guinea pig & let them experiment & cut me up ... well here 9 years later at the age of 54 & I'm still here. It's hard to kill a Cockroach ... HA!

I got bored of doing nothing so I decided to build me another chopper & choose the Ultima Fat Bastard 250 with the 113cid engine/6spd Tranny. I went with the Kit form for the ease of everything being shipped & myself not having to remember what all to get?

A lot has changed since I built my chopper in the 80's, so I'm having to learn it all over again. Now everything can be purchased VIA aftermarket stores. No more having to build everything. But whether I get to ride the bike much is to be seem. But, I'm having myself a blast. I'm about 10 months into the build & have very little left to do but I work on it as I feel up to it.

I recommend anyone who has been disabled to get a chopper kit or just a couple of old junkers & build themselves a bike. Its a great therapy & stress reducer. This goes for all of our veterans coming home not knowing what to do with their lives or just all wound up inside.

I'll try to add a picture later. But just FYI, I choose to go with Harley Hi-Gloss black with metal flake Powder Coating ...$400.00 total job.

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