First Custom Bike and A Journey Of A Lifetime!

by Sorgeloos Jurgen

custom chopper

custom chopper


I live in Belgium and I’m building my first bike ( Chopper ) right now. Everything started 3 years ago when I came back from Daytona Bike Week.

I considered selling my 1998 Fat Boy and my 1958 Chevy Pick Up to build my own custom bike. A new adventure was born, and I was ready for it. I started choosing some parts. I ordered in several bike shops all over the USA. Most are in California...wheels, engine, transmission, headlight, forks, air cleaner etc.

OK, I spent about 15000$. I had to pick up all those parts myself except the parts outside California. Those were shipped to a friend who lives in Las Vegas. Las Vegas here I come! All the parts that I ordered outside California were already there when I arrived. I rented a car in Vegas and hit the road to LA, not knowing what to expect. It was just perfect!!! Everything was ready to pick up, and the people in the shops were very helpful. They give me a tour and a lot of explanation how they make everything.

After loading the car I went back to Vegas. I stopped in a Home depot and bought some wood to build a crate. It took good day to make a strong and functional crate. Finished, and put all my parts in it. They were ready to ship and I had an agreement with a Belgium company to take care of the shipping. But when I arrived in Belgium the company was BROKE!

After a lot of phone calls I found another Belgium company that could help me. Only one problem...they were located
in North Carolina ( Monroe ), and I had to ship the crate first to their place.

I called a lot of company’s in the US to ship it from Las Vegas to NC. Monroe? I was surprised, and it was more expensive than when I did it myself. So I flew to Atlanta, rented a car, and drove to Vegas in 2 day’s. The crate was still in my friend’s garage that I built 6 months ago...

I put everything in the minivan and hit the road, but because I still had 6 day’s to be in Monroe I decided to go first to Daytona bike week again. I stayed for 3 day’s, and to make use of it I bought some other parts.

After having a lot of fun, I drove to NC. Monroe...finally I arrived with the minivan that was about to explode. After unloading I went back to Atlanta and flew home. I drove about 6000 Miles in one week! And had the time of my life! If I have to, I would do it again.

2 months later, the company contacted me, and the parts were arrived. I drove to them very soon afterward, and finely I could start building my own bike.

He isn’t finished yet, but I see the end very soon. I never did something with bikes except ride them. But for now, everything went fine. My friends tell me I'm crazy. All this trouble for a bike...maybe their right...but I don’t care!

Sorgeloos Jurgen.
Have a nice day!!!....I love your country!!! I wish I was born there!!! I’m always looking for a place to stay... ... ... .

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Sep 21, 2007
Great Story
by: Bobby C.

Wow, and I thought I had trouble getting parts! The bike looks great so far. Make sure to submit a picture of it when it's finished. All the trouble, hard work and travel will make that first ride on you chop that much sweeter!

Sep 14, 2007
great stuff keep it up
by: Cominco

Determination thats rhe ticket, gotta like a fella that makes a plan and sticks to it. The bike is looking great and I know your looking forward to the first ride. Congratulations and your doing wonders Cominco

Sep 14, 2007
Awesome Story
by: TJ in Az.

I would do the same for a nice bike. God Bless & Ride On!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Apache Jct.,Arizona.

Sep 11, 2007
Your build
by: Doug Lyons

That's great to here these days, someone who likes America. Thanks for your kind words. Anyway, your bike is really awsome. As I said on my post about my build, it's the journey and not the destination. I'm glad you got a chance to tour our country. We are very proud of her and the great poeple who live here. You are always welcome! Keep us updated on your journey, and please email me if you need any help from this side of the pond.

Doug Lyons

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