Guam Biker

by Clyde Donato

2007 fatboy and project chopper

2007 fatboy and project chopper

I've owned a few Harley's and the only set back is there is always a couple owners with the same color and the same accessories you have. So the first thing I usually do is paint the tins and do some custom fabrication to the fenders to set my bike apart from the rest.

I own a 2007 fatboy with a 200 rear and it did not take me a couple of months to do what I just mentioned. The original color was black. I painted it house of color candy rootbeer and shaved off the rear tail light and changed the wheels added a lot of chrome parts, front end chrome package, beach bar, side license plate, lapera stitched seat, side draft air filter and a lot more. This is the reason why I purchased a softail chopper to try something new.

I have a cousin in San Deigo who helped me obtain my project chopper. The original owner needed cash for an emergency. The roller I purchased is complete, single down tube frame with a stash tube cap, spoke wheels 250 rear 21' front, web polished sprocket, chrome matching front & rear brake disc, front and rear 4 piston calipers, handle bar, chrome foot controls, BDL chrome hand controls with brake reservoir, aluminum seat pan, strutless rear fender, standard front fender. And not to forget the Jesse James Villain gas tank with aircraft cap. All this I mentioned to include shipping to Guam cost me under $6,000.00. Is this a deal or what? As far as building a bike this is my first. And I am pretty pumped up about it.

I am still shopping for big twin motor and haven't made up my mind yet. The engine mount is for an evo, S&S or Rev tech style motor. Any suggestions?

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Jul 25, 2012
by: Rick

Go to
Check out ultma El Bruto 127 cu
If you deal direct on engine & tranny package they usually
Will make a combo deal or go to Jirehcycles on eBay.
This is if you have not found one yet . Good luck

Jul 05, 2012
by: Anonymous

I've always had S&S motors, without any problems,
buy use Mikuni carb with it. the Mikuni 45 is a good one unless your gonna pump the motor up,
then use the 48, I like the Daytona TwinTech ignition, just like the control..
Good Luck.!!!

Nov 04, 2008
Engine Choice
by: Gator

I just finished a custom chopper for Korea, I used a Ultima 80 Inch Ultima motor because of the restrictions on Smog and horse power. The motor was excellent, and the price could not be beat, but the Ultima 6 speed trans was very stiff to shift. I will use a Baker transmission next time, its more expensive, but the problems we have had with the Ultima trans is just not worth the exchange. Hope this helps"

Oct 01, 2007
by: cracker (detroit)

With the 250 tire you may want to consider a "right side drive" (RSD) for your project. The reason is to avoid the large offset you’re going to need to get around that tire. Do some research to totally understand what I am talking about here? If it sounds like I know what I'm talking about, I'd be glad to answer any and all of your questions

Good start on the project, pay attention to the details, like the trail dimension. They will determine a durable, long lasting, fun, chop.


Sep 30, 2007
Evo motor
by: Doug Lyons

I built a pro street custom last year. I used a RevTec 100 with a closed primary. I have had no trouble with either. I've got about 1500 miles on it and it just keeps getting faster and faster! With the 6-speed trans, it is pretty smooth. What sold me on the RevTec was the new 4X4 design and the 3 year warranty. I found the best deal at American Classic Motors in Pennsylvania.

I hope this helps. Post more pictures as you go.

Sep 29, 2007
love it
by: Phillip

Ilove to purchase something like this actualy the same and build it up I started on a project by building a frame and springer front end but i did everything from a photo my sizes on not correct but very close have lost interest not at home at the moment workin in Iraq with the American forces I am from South Africa and American products are very expensive we are taxed to death in our country in the last 2 years there are a few companies importing choppers and some are building them or puting the kits together. A nice looking chopper can cost you about R360.0000 +/- 53,000 dollars how do i go about getting something a less cheaper than from one of our bike shops
Iam very sure that your chopper will look stunning when finished,i hope you enjoy putting it together and finally riding it

Sep 17, 2007
by: salado

awesome bike

Sep 14, 2007
by: Glenn

Hey Clyde great job on the fat boy and killer deal on the roller. If your looking to save money and you want a bullet proof motor Ultima Elbruto is a great buy I purchased a 120" polished ultima for under 5 grand they have the highest hp and toque for a stock motor if you want to go all out R&R cycles they manufacture all their own parts in house very impressive they range from 127" to 155" hang the f@#$! on 180+ p on the 155" well hope that helps you out man good luck.

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