Hard Core 2 Chopper

by Richard Wilkins
(Santee, California)

Chopper Kit Bike

Chopper Kit Bike

I have always wanted a chopper. Not a harley...a chopper. The last time I rode a bike of any kind was 1974. It was a Honda 550 sportster. It was loud and fast.

For 32 years I have wanted to buy a bike. I finally decided that it is time. I am not getting any younger and I felt that if I did not do it now, I would lose the opportunity.

I checked out the local chopper dealers. WOW! The $45,000 price tag was WAY too much for this dude. So, then I started looking for something used. Most of them were too much money, or just too old. Then I came across Jims Cycle Shop out of Texas. They had bike kits for sale. I fell in love with the Hard Core 2 kit. I checked all over the net for something cheaper and found none. So, the wife and I drew out some equity for resurfacing the pool, upgrading the hall bath, paying off my work truck, and buying a chopper kit!!! I was stoked! I could not wait for it to arrive.

When the yellow truck pulled in the driveway in October of 2004 and off loaded a pallet containing some 550 parts I could barely contain myself. I could not unpack the cases fast enough! I was carefully inventorying every part with the parts list provided. Everything was there...except...where was the instruction manual??? You know, like when you buy a bicycle from the store...you have a parts list and
an instruction guide on how to put it together. Not so for this chopper. I called Jims Cycle Shop and inquired about it. Sorry, they said...you have a harley davidson manual and a parts catalogue. That's it? Yep.

Long story short, I put the damn thing together piece by piece over a period of 4 months in my garage. A friend of mine had a motorcycle lift that he loaned to me. The neighbor across the street powder coated racks for his business, so I had him powder coat my frame. The rest was up to me. With the help of alot of great people on a web site called Club Chopper I put it together and fired my baby up for the first time in February. What an awesome experience. I was overwhelmed with excitement. I rode it down the street, and back, with great respect for the 110 cubic inch engine. It was sooooo quick, and fast! It was a moment I will never forget.

Since then I have removed the handlebars and put on some I bought off of ebay. Great looking Zbars. Changed out the LAF stock pipes for a pair of slash cut pipes. Still loud but the sound is out the back a bit more. Painted the Jessee James tins 4 times, and 4 different colors. I am a painting contractor by trade so I had some fun.

So, there you have my story. Just another old man with one hell of CHOPPER! Check out the pic.


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Oct 08, 2007
Chopper-I want one
by: Chris

Hey what a cool machine!!

I seem to be in a similar situation to the one you were in- dreamin of the bike.
I also want a chopper- not harley.

I am thinking of something very similar to yours.
Can you send more pics please.

If I may ask, what was your final price?

Kind regards

Oct 04, 2007
good job
by: desert rider

its so cool to hear that the old school way are coming back,back in the 70s the only way to have a cool scoot was to build it yourself with the help of the local salvage yard good friends and a couple brews to me thats what true bikin is all about good job bro but watch out once its in your blood its there for life also the scoot is very cool

Sep 25, 2007
Never toooo old
by: saex

Man that looks the dog's i love it dude,you never grow to old welcome back to the open road.

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