Harley Davidson XL883 1200

by Jim Quick
(Camdenton, Mo USA)

My plan this past winter was to completely rebuild my Sporty but thanks to the economy that was canceled. However, I did have the money to purchase a Wiseco 10:1 1200 Conversion kit with black wrinkle finish. This was my very first time doing anything of this magnitude and discovered a lot of mistakes not to make. In the end though she's running like a bad ass now tearing up the lake roads. I have a 170 lbs compression and haven't found the top end yet. Next month I will install 12 inch baby apes on 3" risers and relocate the speedo off to the side of the neck. Its a slow process when the bank account is empty but eventually she'll be where I want her to be and then on to the next project.

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Dec 08, 2010
Hey Riverside!
by: Anonymous

If I can figure out how to post the pictures on an already existing story I will. As for the mistakes that you need to look out for just be prepared for a lot of changes. I ended up having to put beefier N4 cams, adjustable pushrods, re-jetted the carb, and burnt out my ignition module so I got a Twin-Tech TC-88A adjustable ignition module. Some of this might not have been necessary if it wasnt for the fact that I ride the thing like I stole it. I'm pretty hard on it. Plus it doesnt help that one of my buddies I ride with has a Kawasaki Vulcan 1700 with the 2053cc v-twin in it. Trying to keep up with that thing has burnt up a few things. However, I am completely satisfied with the performance that I have gotten out of the new motor. I ended up getting a new set of 883 heads (stick with stock 883 heads for the compression) off of a 2006 883R. I'm pushing at least 72-77 hp now with an ungodly amount of torque. I haven't found anything yet that can take me off of the line. Good luck and I will get pix posted as soon as I can figure out how.

Jul 02, 2010
Hey Jim...
by: Riverside

Hey Jim,

Do you have any photo's of your rebuild?
I'm looking at doing the 1200 conversion to my evo also.
What about the mistakes to look out for? What did
you find?
Any idea's photo's etc fully appreciated.

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