Home Made Sportser Low Seat Custom Chopper

by broer
(the netherlands)

Sportster 1200 low seat chopper

Sportster 1200 low seat chopper

Hello you all. Here is a little story about my bike. For many years I wanted a Harley Davidson. Not a stock bike. I am not a tall guy and most of the bikes are to big for me. So I decided to build my own. First I measured myself and made a drawing on cardboard scale 1:10, then changed it here and there. Then when I was happy with the looks of it I drew it at 1:1 on plywood. Than I made a welding jig and started to build my frame. As you read this little story you may think that Broer (my name) has it easy. But it took me over 10 months to get it this far. Here by I sent a picture of my bike which is now 70% complete.

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