Homeless Man To Chopper Builder

by Gary
(Daytona Beach, Florida)

KZ900 Chopper

KZ900 Chopper

In 1990 I bought a 1976 KZ900 Amen Savior frame chopper. I tried to start my own business and failed. Resulted in 3 months delinquent rent.. Had to sell the chopper to keep from becoming homeless.

I made a vow to myself then, "If I ever got back on my feet", I would build a chopper of my own.

Fast forward to 2012. I got my own house. I bought a amen savior frame off eBay from Ohio. I built a KZ900 Z1A (1974) engine. I finished it in about 15 weeks of everyday work. I have ridden it as much as I can since I finished in July 2012. Started on March 30 and finished July 11. I love this bike.

Gary in Daytona Beach

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Jul 16, 2015
Your Vision
by: partner

Hi there Gary;I'm an ole Fart (74) but I still ride a '57 Hardtail "chop".I just want to say to you,"My Brother" "Kudos" BIGTIME for never loosing sight of your Vision(Dream Ride)not all can say that they dreamed it & then actually built her,even overcoming the major obstacles as you did.You should be very proud of yourself my friend,most would have given-up a longtime back
I wish you many fun filled miles,enjoy My Brother "CHOPPERS FOREVER" "partner"
Owner,Builder,Rider of
"ALTER EGO" {'57 hARDTAIL-'93 Drive train}

Jun 01, 2014
Coppers for life
by: Dave

HooRah Brother the dream never dies just the dreamer. Now you are true to your word.

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