Honda 550 super sport 1975

by Dennis Scanlon
(Portage Indiana)

1975 Honda 550 super sport -- I got this bike from these people that had it from their son...he bought it new in 75 when he was still in high school...when he graduated he got married and moved away...leaving the bike there at his parents house...they threw a tarp over it and there it set the rest of its life...until I saw it in a paper...for $500 bucks...its only got 9000 miles on it... complete except missing the side covers...I guess somebody might have taken them for their OWN bike...any way I saw that the battery was shot...and the carbs were totaled...(jelled gas...corrosion I pulled them and rebuilt them put in a new battery and YAAAAA HOOOOO it fired!!! so now I am gonna JAZZ it up...I am unemployed and on unemployment checks and can't DO a total CHOP...right I am GOING OLD SCHOOL with apes and sissy bar...and 16" rear tire...and I plan on replacing the 4 into one pipes with the CB split pipes...IF I can find them...I am looking for the extended cables right now...and the side covers...PLUS some foreward controls...I know I'll probably have to PIECE THOSE together. I had a CB350 in high school I put apes on and sissy bar and some things called SLUGS...those were 6 to 8 inch extensions you could screw into the tops of your fork tubes...and you didn't need to get new tubes...BUT they were the CHEAP MANS parts...cause they were DANGEROUS...they could unscrew...if you didn't keep your eye on them and then WHAM!!! IF there's anybody that is into the old 70s choppers...LETS TALK...I have MANY STORIES about those days.

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May 31, 2011
1975 Honda 550 Super Sport
by: Anonymous

Found one along the side of the road with a 4 sale sign on it. Almost crashed the car looking at it as I went by. First look I thought it was an old 750 but nope 550-SS. Blue, good exterior, carbs gummed up alot but running. Have had tank off and cleaned out gobs of what looked like MULCH !!!. Need a replacement side cover to make it right. Had a 1968 350 CB when in school and LOVED that bike. Started with a 55CC then a 90CC that was fantastic for its size, then a 125CC, and a 305 Super Hawk. Wish I had kept the 305 now !!

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