Honda CB 900C Bobber Project

by John

Honda CB 900 C Bobber Mock Up

Honda CB 900 C Bobber Mock Up

Like many posters I've always wanted to chop a motorcycle, but could never get enough parts together to start anything. I once got a starter sporter that was badly burnt in a fire. But the list of parts that needed to be replaced made that project out of my league. It was cool as I sold the motor and the frame for more than the whole thing cost me.

Then last summer someone had dropped off a nearly complete '82 CB900C at our local recycling center! For a case of beer the guy in charge let me haul it away! It was like an answer from the heavens. The reason it had been junked was someone had cut off all the electrical connectors, and bent forks.

Some of you wanted to know how to get started. I got the ball rolling by taking a couple of photos then outlining my ideas over the pictures. I ended up with the look I wanted, so started stripping it down. Currently I have the stearing head cut off as I want to add 5 decrees of rake. And the rear sub frame, as I'm going to weld up a real hard tail. The shaft drive is an issue as I have to keep every thing lined up. I plane to ditch the swing arm and run the shaft though the air. That way I can go up in tire size. I'm dropping it by 3 inches by the geometry of the hard tail and by slipping the forks up though the trees. Even with the extra rake the fork tubes are still long enough. As there is no external oil tank I can drop the seat and leave room for the battery nd electrics in the spot where the swing arm pivots used to be.

I'll keep posting photos as I progress. I've included a mock up I put together I hashed out on my computer.

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Mar 28, 2009
CB 900C Bobber
by: Tim Barry

It looks as if you have a good idea as to what you want to build. Good luck on that and keep posting your progress.

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