Honda CB550f 1975 Bobber

by Rusty Petty
(Salem, MO)

1975 Honda CB550f in the feald

1975 Honda CB550f in the feald

Well I’ve tinkered with two projects a1974 750 Honda bought it for $60.00 very cheep. I cleaned the carbs and it fired up surprised I was, it ran like ( s--- ). But it ran ok, bought a 1982 kz550 ltd for $200.00 motor, frame, basically a complete bike. It was missing key switch right hand controls, battery, and relays. It was a very clean bike, but it had water in the cylinders, I poured in oil and the water came out ok, I used a ratchet to rotate the motor and out came the oil it shot out a foot and made a huge mess.

So I started looking for parts, in the mean time I decided to turn it in to a bobber, after removing a few parts the seat, tank witch was in excellent condition, wiring harness, refractor, rectifier, and panel, headlight bucket, and tack, speedo, pegs, fenders, lights, I had a roller. I decided to remove the shocks broke the upper bolts great so I cut the frame 1 inch past the grommets.
She squatted very nice it look surprising good so I took two pieces of .120 1/2 in at 10 in long and fitted them from the cut and the threaded shock mounts, I used a par of c-clamps to holed it all to- gather (sweet) it look mean, dam I was very swollen headed. I noticed that the rear brake rod did not look right I noticed it was bowed and I removed it parts flew everywhere @#%#@#$$&^%$#@, the wife thought I was being arrested??? Long story.
So back to rollanet, craigslist, ebay, and hundreds of other parts suppliers, priced at $150.00 not bad for a bobber build. After sanding (by hand) panting and putting it all back together and welding. It was time to start.
It cranked nothing append so after an extensive investigation big words??? The remaf points were wrong, rectifier was shot, and refractor was bad @#$@%$#@$#@$#@$#@$#@$#@$#, I gave up and asked god for forgiveness, and promised the wife I wasn't having flashbacks. Back to the Internet total was $250.00,
So there it sits still looks good. Back to the running 74 removed the front break caliper and it pushed with ease, I ran it up and down the1/4 mile driveway no power with full open throttle, and the lights dint work. So I removed the carbs the main jets were varnished the needle and secondary were clogged, found the o-ring picks and went to work. 9hours, 2 packs of cigs later all clean, reinstalled them. It started full choke and one kick (1974) that sat for 3 years very lucky. But it still ran like s---, after sum paper work the breather box and exhaust were a factor in the combustion chamber. But it ran so I WD-40ed my ridding skills (7 years last ride). After about 2 weeks it started leaking oil at the oil seal on the line to the motor (bottom line). So I @#$@$#@$#@$, ok easy fix no the cast at the seal was busted so to hell with it.
The plant I worked at went to MEXICO, #@$#@$@*&^&$%$^%#%%@#$@%$#%$#, OK now I'm on unemployment,#@$%#@$#@%$#@%$#@%$#@. I had to sell both of them (pipe dream flushed). I lost my ass and the pot I pissed in, a grand total of $150.00.
We moved in to a better position. It had two garages, MUHAAAAMUHAAAA,
I recently found a 1975 cb550f super sport on rollanet for $100.00 with no optimism. It was in
a field and set for about one year no leaks and it was all there the tank was off a gold or a hock or something. We rolled it up on my truck and the right fork seal busted in the process and the rear tire started hissing at the spouted---it well ok its on the truck, got a sales receipt and home we went, I got home and monsoon season started,#@$#@$#@ so it got a good bath, (it was tarped in the field). Two days later I rolled it off the and to the garage.
The next day I started C.P.R I did the field test, what we all should do win purchasing a non-running planter??? I pulled the plugs, removed the covers and looked for cancer, lacerations and damage, it had not been laid over and the oil was still in it. I drained the oil, no metal fragments and it was hunny cullerd, the plugs were carbon covered and dry the primary was checked on the ramp no cracking or popping.
So far so good the points were clean no build up, the starter (alternator) had a little dust easily blooded out. The throttle was stuck, I removed the carbs and boxes bat and holder, I kicked it once and it sounded promising, cleaned the plugs reinstall them, kicked it again BLUMP, BLUMP, BLUMP, BLUMP. Good compression (old school ear tough).
So I started on the carbs I removed the pots and they were surprisingly clean suspicious I disassemble them anyway the mane jets were clogged with rust partials, o-ring picks removed the floats and needle and carrier all clogged, cleaned and blew to like new, I removed the petcock and affixed it to a 20oz soda bottle connected the fuel lines and added fuel, no leaks and no over flow, THERE IS A GOD.
DAY TWO, I reinstated the carbs threw out the tank, connected the battery booster, turned the key flipped the run switch and kicked it hit, choked it and kicked it 3-4-5 times she fired and died. With the felling of warmth I started freeing up the throttle, clutch, and front break WD-40-- white lighting spray grease.
DAY THREE, I lubed the Chain and ignored the rear tire, cleaned up the breather boxes and installed them, (the genius who designed this part should have rethought this one). It finely went back in.
I decided to add new oil and start, tie raped the bottle to the left bar, and kicked it over full choke she ran and sputtered dropped the choke, it idled at 3000 rpm I adjusted the idle to a smooth 2000 rpm, I let it run the pots dry, completely amassed the lights worked head, break all switches and key, but the thumb start was rigged to the right bare and covered with rust.
So that's where I’m planning on dropping the rear to 9 or 10 in between the grommet and swing arm shock mount (its currently 12in) or lower finding a tank, Springer front-end and 12in aps, forward controls, a glass pack on the 4in to 1 exhaust, a solo seat, and half finder. I haven't decided on the color?? (Flat black with red detail on white walls)
I need info on an oil gage and relocating the speedo and tach, with a 160 or a 200 rear tire and should I remove the center stand.

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Aug 15, 2008
I like yer style
by: Anonymous

Ya tell a good story man. From one old gear head to another, i salute you.

My first love is a 73 BMW R75/5 custom, soon to be a sidecar rig again. My other mistress is a '76 Kawi KZ750 B1 twin which is shaping up to be a cool looking cafe racer mostly stock parts, lotsa junk removed, screw the air cleaner, kept the center stand though (darned handy for changing tires!!!). I wanted the cafe bike to be solo only so whacked 6 1/4" off the rear frame back of the shock mounts. Welded the tail section back on with a borrowed 120V MIG box so the tail cowl and rear lights will bolt on just like normal, gonna build the seat pan from old road sign aluminum, foam from a dense foam gardening pad, leather from an old 80's Rolling Stones tour jacket that the thrift store was gonna toss out as it was all ripped at the seams. At work I sandblasted the frame and batt box, center stand and the swing-arm off the /77 KZ650 Four (that also donated the cast alloy wheels, twin front disks, plus the rusty aftermarket clubman bars that got the whole cafe racer idea in my head in the first place). Our daughter worked at a local liquidation store and they were giving away gloss black spray paint last year, got four six packs so frame paint was covered there. Got three cans of gray metallic wheel paint left over from a friends 4X4 so got tank/cowl/fender paint too. Had the bike since last September and coming up on one year now, into it for about a hundred bucks. I laid out cash for primer, some filler, more sandpaper, assorted metric bolts from the Fastenall store, also satin black engine enamel for the motor and bars, brackets, fork legs, most everything that used to be shiney is now black. Got a right hand control, throttle, cables and headlight complete for 25 bucks on ebay.
Back yard builds rule!

rider75 (Brent)
in Peace River,

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