Honda CM250C Bobber Project

by rider75
(Peace Country, Alberta, Canada)

Honda Bobber

Honda Bobber

Setember 2007 - September 2008 project Honda CM250C Bobber...

Picked up this Honda CM250 C in September 2007 for free. It is missing the starter, the drive belt, the primary sprocket cover and a battery. Headlight and front signals messed up. Seat crispy, tires tired. Mechanically looks good, carb is clean, air filter is oiled foam type, engine oil was pretty clean, spokes and brakes good, trans shifts OK, clutch works, cables are good.

On the right is a weekend later after removing all the ugly stuff and mounting a pair of mini ape bars. I'll likely toss the front fender, mount a sprung solo seat, cut the rear fender, bolt on mini bullet retro signals, a 5 1/2" chrome headlight and an iron cross tail light.

I'll pull it apart to clean and refurbish everything after firing up the engine to see if it's worth it. These things run forever with little maintenance and get 70 mpg with a 220 lb rider on board! It's the same engine as used in the Honda Rebel and Nighthawk 250's right up into the mid nineties. A co-workers '93 Nighthawk even shares the same drum brakes, spoke wheels and exhaust. The C or "Custom", also sold as a "Twinstar", has a shorter wheelbase so might handle a little more nimbly in city traffic.

I plan on changing it to chain ('83 was only year the CM250 Custom had belt drive). A replacement belt is 250 bones or more! I think it'll make a great bobber style starter bike for my daughter. Just stripping off the stock seat and lights makes it sort of sporty looking. Zixxing the mufflers off would be cool but students don't need muffler tickets!

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Aug 24, 2009
changeing the motor on 250 Custom
by: Anonymous

motor mounts can be changed,with a little enganuaty.use your amaganation.I have put a handa750-4 motor on a mini chopper frame and made it work

Mar 01, 2009
hello from Australia
by: Calum

was just wondering of the engine mounts on the night hawk and rebel are the same as the CM250c
i just bought a cheep project bike, not running and was thinking to change the engine out, and if possible with a more readily avialable one, as the CM250 engine is hard to find now..
my enigne number is MC06E2108261
and VIN is MC062101078.
any pointers on where you found info on this bike would be appresiated. my email is


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