Honda Four CB 750

by Fernando Torres
(Aguascalientes, Mexico)

Honda cb750 Four

Honda cb750 Four

Honda cb750 Four
cb 750 four cylinder engine
Rear Avon Tire
CB 750 Four Exhaust

Hi guys I’m from Mexico and I have a Honda cb750 Four from the 70's. It has an air front suspension I’m thinking about put or adapt an air compressor but I don't know the pounds or lb it has to be.

I customized some parts, I changed air cleaners for velocity stacks from steel dragon's performance, a rear Avon tire 170/17, an adapt a rear side break light and turn signals. I also adapted a rear master cylinder from a Honda cbr.

I also bought an oil pressure gauge on eBay last July and still don't have it, I’m a little worried because the seller don't answer to my emails so take a look to my pic's and if you know what kind of compressor I need let me know.

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