Honda Rebel Ideas Thoughts?

by Tom

Picked up a 99 plate 250 Honda Rebel that needs some work.

Fuel tank has dents, fork seals leaking, rear drum a bit sticky and other bits n pieces.

Has been sitting in my garage - waiting for me to come up with some ideas.

I have thought of going a bobber style or just getting it running as is.

Having no tech nohow I am stumped as to what to do, so looking for ideas.

Any help welcome.

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Jun 30, 2010
Honda Rebel Ideas Thoughts? - bobber
by: Tom

i did like the kit that blue collar bobbers sell, however shipping cost from the States is steep.

Looking to see if i can source a few bits local to Uk.

i had toyed with the idea of either ape hangers ( not too high) or flat drag bars.
moving the seat back a bit and trimming down rear fender.

its a work in progress.

Jun 30, 2010
Great starter project
by: rider75

I've an '83 Honda CM250C which was the "normal" version of Honda's little 250. As an '83, it was the only year the CM came with belt drive. A friend has a '93 Nighthawk 250 with the same engine,m mufflers and drum brake spoke rims. There are probably millions of these still around so lots of parts. I am making mine a bobber, retaining the rear suspension, looking for a starter, chain & sprockets (a new belt is over $200.00) and need a new battery. Already got a flat steel rear fender, mini-ape bars, a solo seat and pillion pad (both sourced from old exercise equipment).
Do some searching for online resources, hunt the booksellers or ebay for a factory service manual and pick up a very basic metric tool set. One 'special' tool to buy is an impact driver. Set with one of those large blunt Phillips screwdriver bits and struck with a stout mallet, it will prove to be a friend in the war against stubbornly rusted Jap hardware.
And never be afraid to ask the experts. Find a good dealership who looks after owners of older machines.

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