Hunters 1979 Shovelhead Softail!

by Leon Campbell
(Wildomar California USA)

Back in the 70s I road a 79FLH 80, and I loved that bike and all the experiences I gained from being a Harley owner. Needless to say after years of working as a classic automotive restoration specialists, rasing a family, and just surviving daily life. Im now ready to get back into the saddel as they say.

So I scored a basket case panhead ridged frame roller that was equipped with a trashed springer and the funky ole school chopper front wheel with those tiny drum brakes that are bairly able to hold ya on a slite hill, this package came with a 1979 shovelhead with the 4 speed transmission, heres the good part. I payed only $500 from the whole kit n kabutel. It gets better, I then sold the pan roller for.. you guessed it, $500. So I basically got a shovelhead trans combination for FREE.

I'm getting to old for a hard tail, and I wanted something other then a dresser, so I decided on the softail, my kind of style for the way I like to ride. Now all I have to do is finsh buulding it, see ya all out there soon.

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