I want to build a chopper

by Bubba

I would like any advice on how to get started with a softail or ridgid or softail frame. I am 6'8" weight 280lbs and want to be able to be comfortable. I like the 300 size rear tire not sure for the front. I am a nurse but raced dirt bike years ago so any help with manuals or books or dvd's, anything to help me. I live in Mississippi

Thank you for any help y'all can give,

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Mar 16, 2011
by: harold snyder

im building a xs650, 6 over hard tail with 43 degrees of rake and forward controls. at 5 10 the bike is just a shade to long for me to ride all day. my current bike is a 79 xs650, stock rake 3 over hard tail with clip ons. i road it last year from phnx,az to vegas,nv to santa rosa,nm for the smoke out east. road thelong road to the smokeout west and made it most of the way home to oregon befor faulty wiring cut my trip short.the longer the bike the more length you have to play with. good luck

Jan 10, 2009
Build it how you want it
by: Lewi

If you build your own bike from the ground up you can make sure that the thing fits you and is what you want, normally its how you mount the footpegs and the choice of handlebars that makes the bike fit you rather that the actual overall size of the bike although for you at well over 6 foot I'd probablly be looking for a few inches of stretch and rise in the frame.

Apr 29, 2008
Get started...
by: Newbie

Get the building a chopper frame dvd on this page:

Get the tig welding one too because it's really good.

Buy frame plans and get started

Not too familiar with what to do for a guy your size.

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