Light Duty Motorcycle Lift Build!

by Sheridan

Light Motorcycle Lift Half Way Complete

Light Motorcycle Lift Half Way Complete

Here's my completed light duty motorcycle lift table for my 150cc bike!

I like your plans for the cycle lift, plain and simple!

I am making good progress fabricating my lift while waiting for my ram from Harbor Freight (see picture).

Got most of my material from the scrap dump.

I am using lighter material my bike only weights 350lbs.

We are not allowed to have a motor cycle above 150cc in Bermuda.

I have a question:

When the RAM is fully extended will the lift legs go past the upright position or stop as shown in your picture when using your specs?



Thanks for the question regarding the bike lift. The design was based on the maximum stroke of the cylinder. As long as you have the correct part, the stroke of the cylinder should not exceed the maximum height position. I also had some brackets welded on to stop the lift from exceeding the max height.

If you have more stroke left in the cylinder it would hit these brackets and even start pushing on them. This is very dangerous and can result in the brackets breaking and flying off under extreme conditions. Make sure that the stroke of the cylinder you have is less than the maximum height that the lift can raise to. This will insure that you never have this dangerous condition.

Thanks for the photo and we would love to see the finished lift. Feel free to let us know with additional questions.


Here is my cycle lift for my Honda Varadero xl125.

I put on a few additions to the original plan wheels, wheel vise rear wheel drop out etc.

See extension for the Ram operator (above pictures)

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Feb 25, 2013
Great Work on Your Light Lift!

That's really cool that you built a lighter lift for your motorcycle using scrap metal. Can't wait to see the finished version. Be sure to share that with us ok? Thanks for your contributing and sharing your picture. I hope our answers were helpful.

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