Low Budget Chopper Build In Asia!

by Sebastien
(Somewhere in Vietnam)

Low Budget Chopper

Low Budget Chopper

I long time ago I sent an article about making a chopper from a scrapped bike. Well, here it is...

As laws prevent me from building a bike with higher capacity than 150cc, this is what I could do...

It is VERY comfortable to ride and a lot of fun. Since it is so unique it does turn heads. Women say it is ugly but men drool on it. Funny how that it!

I took this bike from behind a shed in a mechanic’s shop a few towns over. Took the motor wheels and serial numbers and threw everything else away. The original was an old Honda win 100cc. I have included a picture of a good looking one to give an idea.

After making the plans and giving the welder all the information he needed AND correcting the welder’s constant change in the plan for the frame he finally finished it.

Then it was the mechanics turn to take his time.
Ran new wiring and over-sized the motor which then needed a more powerful starter...

Stretch the front forks and angled them out also.
Still going to put a bigger wheel in front but that is when it gets now.

The tank I get at a parts shop, no idea what it came from. Plus the paint job which is Honda red as the license says.

The best part was that my wife threw away the plates so I had to make new ones, semi legal copy of the old one. Still kinda fuzzy on that part but the mechanic said no problem.

Well this is not my country so when in Rome do as the Romans do.

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Dec 07, 2013
Hit and run.
by: Sebastien

Here is an update on this bike. Having a unique bike has it's problems. No one is paying attention to the road. I got ran into last night. the good thing is that the bike was made solid, so very minor damage. Had the lights on and as it is popular here, the turn signals made sound as I turned. I heard the guy's motor come at me at high RPM and then I went flying. The best part is that the guy go up and ran away before I could take a photo or grab his keys. I pretty much only have to take the dent out of the tank.

Classic hit and run. What a bunch of scamming cowards here!

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