Mini Chopper With Springer Forks

by Bruce H.
(Mo. U. S. A.)

The Springer Bike Project

The Springer Bike Project

I've been toying with the mini chopper with springer forks idea for a long time, and decided to act on it. starting with baja mini bike rims, and building up from there.

A Home made rigid frame with a Bar Enterprise solo spring seat.

6.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine with a torque converter and my own home made kick starter system.

Then I'm building a springer front end of my own design, Which has been a challenge but it's coming along nicely. ---Triumph handle bars on 5.5" risers, and a Paughco 4.2 gal gas tank.

Fenders will be from tractor supply as the tires are 7 inches wide, I'll be using trailer fenders cut to style and fit.

Thanks for checking out my mini chopper with springer forks. Look for the finished product coming soon.

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