Motorcycle spare repair shop and roadside assistance business

by Vogan Engelbrecht
(Port Elizabeth, South Africa)

My passion is to start my motorcycle spare, repair shop. I would like to provide a service to all bikers, have them registered onto a database, whereby they can have this service available at a reduced rate.

Motorbikes will be our next means of commuting in SA with the current fuel hike.

As a young entrepreneur like myself i have already made use of WhatsApp & Facebook to market my business.

My business process will be making use of a job card system, whereby I would also than provide the service that should you not be able to afford the repairs quoted on that we can sell it your bike on your behalf.

I know that it will take allot of hard work and determination to fulfill my dream.

My current problem is need a good investor to fund the business as well as premises.

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