Moved to Florida ( 75 Honda 550 four cylinder build)

by Dennis Scanlon
(Panama city Florida)

Well I have MOVED to Florida...("WE'RE RETIRED IN FLORIDA NOW MISTER"...EASY RIDER: Billy to Wyatt-the last scene of the movie) And all I can say is...IT'S HOT...I rode my Honda 1100 for a few miles after we finished unloading...WE live here in PANAMA CITY BEACH...I immediately began looking for and at all the other bikes I could see in the area...and I saw quite a few...more Harley's than any others...I found a shop than can help me get parts for the 75 550...AND some one inch bars for the 1100...BUT money is running out and I haven't found a JOB YET. TO BE CONTINUED!!!

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Aug 04, 2009
by: Dennis

The movie EASY RIDER got me going in the bike world...I was just 15 when I saw the parents had just bought me my first bike...a Yamaha 100 YL1E twin cylinder...I was exctatic...and when me and my best friend who had had a Honda 90 sport single cylinder...saw that movie...WE KNEW what we wanted to do with the rest of our lives...and I did in fact spend the rest of my life right up to today...riding and chasing the dream of freedom...unfortuneately just like JACK NICOLSON said in the movie...ITS HARD TO BE FREE WHEN YOU ARE BOUGHT AND SOLD IN THE MARKETPLACE...I have 40 years of memories...I would like to anybody that would listen.

Aug 03, 2009
It's an addiction fer sure!
by: Anonymous

So he dumps off the shi* at the new digs and goes for a put to check out the local scene eh?
Sounds like what I'd do! FL, cool. Year round riding. Not so in the great white north.
As for your old 550, ton's of stuff on the web. It's nice to find the local bike wreckers to shop hands on though.
I've a '73 BMW daily rider & building a '76 KZ 750 Twin cafe using parts from a '77 KZ650 Four. Also got an '83 CM250C Honda (bobber project).
Just a lot of fun to take these old '70's bikes and fix them up and ride them.

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