My Kikker 5150 "Super Bobber" by Renzo Jones.

by Renzo Jones
(Galena Missouri, USA)

Last Christmas my dad bought me a

hardknock bobber kit from the guy's at kikker 5150. A pocket bike and midi motorcycle company. The hardknock is their midi bobber, just 8" shorter than a stock Harley. After building it I decided to add my own flare to it. I started by changing the stock kick pedal to an aluminum bicycle pedal, made an adapter for the jockey shift to fit an old hurst t-handle shift knob, dyed the white grips black, put on shorter seat springs for a lower stance, and added a leather seat cover, put on a sportster porkster gas tank that my cousin, Dave, sprayed an awesome glossy black paint job on,. I scrapped the stock headlight and fabricated a bracket to mount my e.t.(cyclops?) headlight. Then I got rid of the heavy stock air cleaner and put a k&n air cleaner on it, cut open the exhaust and installed a baffle. I welded it back up and then wrapped it up with header tape to compensate for lost horsepower, and removed the entire front braking system (too high maintenance due to a design flaw). The bike looks almost as good as it rides. It was definitely worth the work (and money) that I put into it, and through it all I ended up with the most custom hardknock I've ever seen. It definitely turns heads, and it's quite a conversation piece. Most everyone who sees it asks where they can get one. That pretty much sums it up, sorry about not posting a photo. But stay tuned. I'll be posting one soon. Thanks for reading and stay on two wheels (but wheelies are o.k.) c-u-l8r. Renzo Jones.

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Sep 12, 2007
post those pics!
by: bill paitalreddy

post those pics!

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