My KZ1000 Police Bobber

by Greg
(Rochester Mn USA)

KZ1000 Police Bobber

KZ1000 Police Bobber

I acquired this bike from my nephew when he bought a sportster. As soon as he had cut the back of the bike off and dropped it onto a 6x6 block I was hooked! That act alone raked the front end out, and I wanted to get involved in the build. Fortunately for me he was soon distracted with sportsters and I asked about the Kawi.

I'm a fabricator by trade so...AWWW! No fair!. But most anyone can do this, and if you can't, you have friends that weld, right?

I planned each design solution ( there are few problems that have no solutions), as I went along ie: mounting the coils on a custom battery box. You'll see these in future updates on our progress.

Regarding the picture of my KZ1000 police bobber final mock-up teardown:

I've already seen some cool builds here at CCG! If I can help with advise that's what I do at my weekend warrior shop ProMotion Engineering. This pic is right after mock up and tear down, so it's not painted pretty yet! That's Steve's dept. The curved brackets hold a round bobber style electrical box. It also has a peanut tank and strutless bobbed fender.

GO tear something apart! Make it uniquely yours!
Good luck! Greg

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Sep 16, 2009
by: Greg

Thanks for posting my bobber frame I'll send pics after each stage of reassembly. Love this site! So many cool builds here. Support this site because they are supporting all of us bobber/chopper guys and gals!

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