Not the only virago owner!

by kevin abelein
(joshua tree ca)

Well let’s see, a brother of mine, had this virago all original, well I can’t stand original being the motor head I am, so this 82 virago shaft drive, eeeek a shaft drive, ok I will overlook that little dilemma. So off I go on the Internet to see what other people have done with their viragos, and glory be, and to my surprise, I found that I am not the only virago owner, or rice burner, hey now don’t hate just because rice burners are faster, and that is a proven fact, so here I am, I want to make a bobber but with the decline in work I’m left to rely on older and different parts I’ve acquired over a 2 year moto shop trying to open in the hig desert, on and off road, oh yea this virago sat in storage 6 7 8 years and about knock the dust off, anyhow I will be sending you photos real soon so be on the lookout. Later Kevin

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