One Off Home Made Scooter

by Bruce H.
(Rural MO. USA)

Home Made Scooter

Home Made Scooter

The "Turf Surfer" a Home Made Scooter: I've been riding for for 35 years give or take a few. A year or so ago I decided I wanted to build a new toy.

I wanted a mini bike, or a trike & was drawn toward building one of these. After all, it was just for my amusement.

I was doodling in my spare time one day and did a quick sketch that really caught my eye & I was intrigued! So off to the drawing board, and the shop.

This is what I came up with. man is it a hoot.
I get smiles and waves from everybody I see when I'm putting around. Yep, those are wheel barrow wheels!

I was looking for tips on frame building, as I'm about to begin a new project, when I came upon "Custom Choppers Guide" on Youtube. I also have a channel with the complete build on it.

Thanx guys! Your site is awesome.

Remember, We're all in this together & none of us are getting out alive! So enjoy your self now, while we can!


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Apr 04, 2013
Yeayah !
by: Anonymous

I like it, a lot !

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