Poor mans dream...

by Biscuit

I work paycheck to paycheck and don't have the money to buy the nice custom rides that I see riding down the roads. I have realized that in order to have my own one-of-kind ride is to build it myself.

I am lucky in that I have the access and use of the machines and equipment that it'll take to build; such as C-N-C machines, TIG welders, tube benders, etc. But I don't have all the technical info of what is needed to know on biulding a bike from the ground up.

Nothing is going to stop me from getting this thing started and finished,so I'm ready to get started.If there any help on must know "must knows",I could and would appreciate any input.

I have a pretty good back-ground in manufacturing, especially in lathe and mill machining, so if there any help I can supply on that note, please feel free to ask.

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Jul 03, 2009
horse tradin'
by: Anonymous

trade your labor for the use of machines.

strip down the chopper and sell the left overs on ebay or craigslist.

think about saving for a gas welder.

buy a cheap ass bike to chop and sell it for a profit when you are done...build up.

buy basket cases or parts lot..keep what you want and sell the rest to break even.

buy and sell parts for profit..watch craigslist like a hawk. chop some jap bike and go from there. I made a custom when I was making all sorts of money...now I'm poor and I am starting from scratch. I have a junk bike 454 kawasaki that has title issues..was free. I'm going to get a salvage title for it and start chopping. It will look cool and I can sell it to finance the next one.

Mar 03, 2008
everybody needs help
by: Steve

if you havnt already go to chopperhandbook.com spend the 60 bones it has a wealth of infomation including frame blueprints for 4 or 5 different frames all professionaly engineered(so they are safe).in my opinion this could be the best investment you make if you are serious about building custom bikes. the handbook helped me build a sik custom that i will be posting shortly

Oct 17, 2007
the same situation
by: broer

hi biscuit i am wandering what engine you want to use for building a bike i am in the same situation as you and so i am building my own bike from scratch. so i think if you realy want to build one and its in you"re head than it is possible to do it. i am living on the other side of the world but if i can help you with drawings or anything what i no of? ask me. maybe i can help you. than send a e mail to brrderoos@yahoo.com greetings from broer

Sep 22, 2007
I can help
by: shiftydawwg

Hey e-mail me, I'm in Missouri and we can help each other out maybe.

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