Powder Coating Tapes

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Powder Coating Guy

Powder Coating Guy

This is an answer to the rider asking 'about powder coating masking. I do my own Powder Coating and to mask off a surface to not be coated (1st)Go to www.eastwood.com. (2nd)Look under Powder Coating Materials and you will find "High Heat Tape" that comes in a variety of widths starting at 1/8" to 2" wide ,also "Silicon Plugs" for holes,these "Tapes" or "Plugs" are not removed before baking and they work great. If you use regular tape you take a chance on residue left behind when you remove it prior to baking ( and you HAVE to remove reg. Tape before baking. Why : at 500* regular tape will probably light on fire or at least "char" )

Another "note" after you have washed down your parts to be P.C.,wash them another time but use like MEK, Touline, Lacquer Thin or solvent of that type.DO NOT USE A enamel or acrylic enamel solvent as is oil in the solvent that will cause the P.C. to "Break Loose " or not bond to your project,Thank You and Good Luck:::::::

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