Question about bike modifications

by Jesse S. Samuel
(Chandigarh, India.)

I own a Royal Enfield 350 with a cast iron engine. I wonder if you've heard about this bike; it's a classic from the 1950s still in production in India.

There are a couple of things I wanna know about modification:

It has 3.00/90 19" front and 3.25/80 19" rear tires it has a 16T rear sprocket. Can I change the rear to a 110/80 18" or a 120/80 18" rear? If yes, will I need to change the rear sprocket as well? I've heard that to change to a 120, I need to get a braoder swingarm. Will these changes have any adverse affect on handling.

I understand that changing the wheel to a smaller size will alter the rake a bit. can I compensate that by raising the bike a bit by putting a spacer in the rear shocks (it has twin rear shocks on the sides)?

If I put an 18" rear wheel and raise the bike by an inch (which would raise it finally by ~0.5") would this subsequent decrease in rake have any adverse effect on handling?

What else can I do to alter the bike for better (not just speed performance but stability, fuel efficiency and longevity including).

Thanks and regards.

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Aug 31, 2009
tire and wheel size
by: Troy in Texas

You can put a shorter wheel and tire on your bike. The difference in rake and trail will not affect performance. More stable ,if anything. Also it will lower your gear ratio some. Not much, tho. better accelleration. maybe lower fuel mileage, maybe. You could have clearance problems with the swingarm and/or the chain. Careful measurement will show that.
always customizing,

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