Rake Trail and The Happy Place!

by 113VTWIN

This is also what I've learned over the years of Building Customs, Street Bikes, Road Racers, Drag Bikes, Etc....

When it comes to Rake and Trail! They ALL have a different "HAPPY" Place for "Optimal" Handling, for each type of Use!

When it comes to my Personal Bikes I "Factor In" the type of use, and the LENGTH of the Front End that I will be using.

I personally lean towards Pro Street Style Builds for bikes that I will be keeping to ride for a while!

I use closer to the 2" mark for Under, Std. and 2" over! And, Forced to use the 4" Mark, for anything 10" Over, Length of Bike Fork Length. I "REFUSE" to build any Type of bike that will end up with over a 3-1/2" of Positive Trail!

I've seen Choppers with 20"-30" Over Front ends. And they can be built to handle "stable?" At Freeway Speeds!

And, the "ONLY" thing that "You Can Hope For" with "ANY" long Front End Bikes..... Is that, at "low speed?" your Front Wheel doesn't "FLOP" when you are trying to make "ANY" Turning Maneuvers at Low Speeds!

And, that is with Proper Rake & Trail!

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